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A deformity of feet commonly known as bunion can occur due to various reasons: inadequately fitted shoes, overweight, pregnancy or just genetic predispositions. Women are more vulnerable to this illness, but men should also pay attention to the proper hygiene of feet as well as comfortable shoes.

How do the bunions form?

The main causes of bunions are wearing high heel shoes, overweight and standing lifestyle. With high heel shoes the front part of a foot is most heavily burdened, which causes it to widen. If shoes also have a pointy front end, the squeeze on a toe is even more severe, which intensifies the deformation and pain.

Deformations lead to changing the shape of a foot. Irregularly spread body weight renders the toe less effective in being a stabile support for the body during walking. It has a systematic effect on deteriorating the stability of feet as well as weakening the foot muscles.

How to prevent the formation of bunions?

Bunions, specifically the most advanced ones, do not form overnight. It is a long lasting process, thus it is preventable. When it comes to people with genetic predispositions for bunions, the problem can develop even if we adhere to orthopaedic preventing treatment. However the process can at least be inhibited. All in all it is mostly us who are responsible for the formation of bunions, not our genes.

Hallu Motion – an effective and long term treatment of bunions

Hallu Motion is a corrective brace for daily use, which contributes to systematic improvement of toe placement. It eliminates the discomfort and pain, which are caused by inflammations. It also reduces the number of abrasions and effectively improves the overall look of the foot. The Hallu Motion corrective brace is versatile. It adjusts to every foot, no matter the shape or size. It can be worn with any kind of shoe.

Hallu Motion – why is it worth it?

  • Hallo Motion is an ideal alternative for invasive surgeries. Using the Hallu Motion corrective brace renders the surgical correction of deformation unnecessary. Nowadays it is widely recommended by orthopaedists and podology specialists
  • Hallu Motion prevents recidivation of deformities. It not only treats the bunions but also prevents their reoccurrence
  • Improvement just after one month. The cure is effective just after 30 days; by that time the bunions are gone. On top of that, should it not have performed as intended, you will get a refund

Opinions and reviews of the Hallu Motion

The most trustworthy source of product information are the customer opinions. Just listen to the testimony of Katarzyna from Poznań, who has cured her bunion problem by using the Hallu Motion.

“Bunions were an absolute nightmare in every way – most shoes wouldn’t fit, I was ashamed of showing my feet on a beach and the pain was unbearable. Fortunately I’ve found about the Hallu Motion corrective brace, which has brought me a long awaited relief. Now I can now once again enjoy having good looking feet and not worry about what shoes I should wear.”

Specialists also speak positively about the Hallu Motion, even the famous ones like Steven Manchion. After conducting an extensive research he’s chosen the Hallu Motion as the best one:

“Since I’ve discovered the growing trend of non-invasive bunion treatment methods, I’ve wanted to try which one of them is truly effective. Having conducted every test comparable to daily activities as well as heavy physical efforts, I can confirm with a complete satisfaction, that the Hallu Motion can be used during daily and sport activities, in which the crooked toe can become a cause of great annoyance and discomfort.”

Hallu Motion – can everyone use the corrective brace?

The treatment of bunions requires time and patience. You cannot simply get rid of the degeneration overnight, even by surgery, because after that you have to go through a long period of rehabilitation. If someone wishes to avoid an invasive surgery, the Hallu Motion is an ideal alternative. It can be used during the day and allows to live a normal life, which makes it an absolute top corrective brace for curing bunions, as most of them are intended for use during rest.

The ease of wearing and using the Hallu Motion

The Hallu Motion is easy to use and safe; it has a very simple function. It is used during the day. The correct way of putting it on should be as follows.

  1. Loosen the belt on the brace completely
  2. Put the brace on your foot, so that its front part is positioned on the inner side of your toe and the sponge covers the afflicted joint
  3. Fasten the belt and wrap it around the outer part of the foot, and then fix the belt to the hook and fasten the band
  4. Fit the belt properly so that it’s stable and not too tight on the toe
  5. As the treatment progresses, the belt becomes tighter. It shouldn’t however cause any pain.

Should you feel a slight pain while using the Hallu Motion, it only means that the brace was fitted correctly and it’s working as intended.

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